⧉ code for culture

slim*sites is the web coding part of kliklak.net. We code and design custom websites for people & institutions of culture, using a world-class content management system, Textpattern.

The majority of clients include architects, film productions & videographers, photographers, booking agencies, multimedia artists, museums, musicians & record labels.

We’d like to invite you to have a conversation with us about your cultural web coding matters, in English or German.
Also take a look at our detailed list of services and contact us for rates.

  • petersiegele.com
  • Rectify Records
  • saddestsong.de
  • aircushionfinish.com
  • jayrope.com
  • kugelbahn-wedding.com
  • recycling medea com
  • heart-of-sky.com
  • facebookreport.de
  • modernes berlin
  • bendebiel.com
  • prinzenallee.com
  • annepetry.de
  • biesentales records
  • lillevan.com
  • dzj-architekten.de
  • Neumund Booking Berlin
  • henning-schmiedt.de
  • Radio Free Mike
  • Supermodern Lovesongs
  • davebennett.de
  • cosmoelliptic.com - a US-based record label